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Clement Cleveland


Centurion, 1893–1934

Born 29 September 1843 in Baltimore, Maryland

Died 16 April 1934 in West Palm Beach, Florida

Buried Forest Hills Cemetery and Crematory, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Proposed by Theodore Gaillard Thomas, Charles Comfort Tiffany, and George W. Dillaway

Elected 4 March 1893 at age forty-nine

Century Memorial

Dr. Clement Cleveland, like Dr. [Frederic S.] Dennis, was a man of unusual mark in the medical profession. Each contributed, as few others have done, to the progress of medicine in its broadest sense. Not only was his achievement of the highest practical importance in conducting the Woman’s Hospital, but he founded and organized the Memorial Hospital which has taught the use of radium, and the American Society for Control of Cancer. Dr. Cleveland’s professional activities were varied. He wrote on his special subjects trenchantly, was deeply read in their literature, applied inventive ingenuity to devices for the relief of suffering, and along with this possessed a charming personality that won him a host of affectionate friends. For the Century, it is a pleasant recollection that both of these two distinguished surgeons had lived out forty years in the Club’s congenial fellowship.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1935 Century Association Yearbook