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S. S. Conant


Centurion, 1866–1885

Full Name Samuel Stillman Conant

Born 11 December 1831 in Waterville, Maine

Died after 22 January 1885 in Unknown

Buried Unknown (disappeared)

Proposed by Augustus R. Macdonough, Daniel Huntington, and Thomas Hicks

Elected 5 May 1866 at age thirty-four

Archivist’s Note: His unexplained disappearance in January 1885 was widely covered in the press; his last known sighting was on 22 January of that year. There was speculation that some skeletal remains discovered five years later in the dunes of the Rockaways, Queens, may have been his.

Century Memorial

From behind the veil, perhaps never to be lifted, which shrouds his passing away, the figure of Conant reappears to memory—the hours return brightened by his manly, kindly presence—the friendly tie seems for a moment knit again, which was to be so suddenly, strangely parted.

Augustus R. Macdonough
1886 Century Association Reports