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Esek Cowen


Centurion, 1893–1900

Born 14 October 1834 in Hartford, New York

Died 3 January 1900 in Troy, New York

Proposed by Frederic R. Coudert and Edward Patterson

Elected 6 May 1893 at age fifty-eight

Century Memorial

Esek Cowen, who bore a name honored and distinguished in the legal annals of this State, was the son of a distinguished judge and nephew of the great justice whose name adorns the earlier New York Reports. He was a lawyer of great ability, as was shown in his practice in the interior of the State, where he conducted the largest and most important cases with success and credit until his removal to the city eight years since, and his early career was repeated here.

He was the type of a painstaking, penetrating lawyer, with an acute mind, unsparing industry, thorough integrity and absolute devotion to the interests of his clients. He left a name that adorns his profession and his family name.

Henry E. Howland
1900 Century Association Yearbook