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Franklin W. M. Cutcheon


Centurion, 1906–1936

Full Name Franklin Warner M. Cutcheon

Born 6 March 1864 in Dexter, Michigan

Died 12 November 1936 in Oyster Bay, New York

Buried Dinsmore Cemetery, Belleview, Kentucky

Proposed by William B. Hornblower and George W. Wickersham

Elected 3 February 1906 at age forty-one

Seconder of:

Century Memorial

Franklin W. M. Cutcheon had practiced law during four decades at St. Paul, Minnesota, and New York. He had won distinction in that profession, in his work on Minnesota’s Democratic State Committee, and in his service for the Sound Money Democracy in 1896 and for the New York City charter revision committee in 1922. But Cutcheon will probably be best remembered for his activities during the World War, as secretary-general of the Red Cross and as legal adviser to General Pershing. He was director in the United States War Finance Corporation, and he served, still later, as an American member of the Reparations commission. From the war itself he emerged with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, the Distinguished Service Medal and a long list of decorations by the European Allied governments. Here was certainly a full and varied life.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1937 Century Association Yearbook