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Henry Lawrence

Centurion, before 1851–1850s

Born unknown in Unknown

Died unknown in Unknown

Proposed by Not recorded

Elected before 1851 at age unknown

Archivist’s Note: His election is nowhere recorded; the 1851 date refers to his first (and only) appearance in a printed membership roster or indeed mention of any kind in club records. He is one of only three members whose identity has not been firmly established because of the paucity of data in the club archives (cf. Francis Bacon and William Carlton). One possible member by that name is Henry Effingham Lawrence (1829–1890), a business partner in a dry goods firm with Daniel Trimble, who had been elected in December 1847 and died in 1850, but this Henry Lawrence would have been unusually young, albeit not without precedent, to have been made a member before 1851. Another possibility is Henry Lawrence (1810–1879), son of Samuel Adams Lawrence, a gentleman of independent means who had intended to enter the ministry but did not complete his studies owing to poor health. Several other Henry Lawrences are known to have resided in the New York in the 1850s, including a father-son pair engaged in the cordage trade and a lithographer (active 1852–1863).