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Henry W. Domett

Journalist/Art Critic

Centurion, 1886–1898

Full Name Henry Williams Domett

Born 5 July 1824 in Boston, Massachusetts

Died 27 October 1898 in Sharon, Connecticut

Buried Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut

Proposed by Henry Augustus Loop, Titus Munson Coan, and Horace W. Robbins

Elected 6 February 1886 at age sixty-one

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Century Memorial

The artistic and literary world recognized in Henry W. Domett an author of repute, a finished essayist and a brilliant scholar. At one time, while engaged in business, he was the regular correspondent of The Boston Transcript in this city, and afterwards, for many years, the music and art critic of The Mail and Express. He traveled extensively, and his wanderings led him into many strange and hitherto unknown paths. His freedom from conservatism and prejudice made him a choice companion for young people, and his hospitality made his home a center of cultivation and illumination. He was wonderfully active, vigorous and fresh in spirit, and a choice companion in any circle.

Henry E. Howland
1899 Century Association Yearbook