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William Dorsheimer


Centurion, 1864–1888

Born 5 February 1832 in Lyons, New York

Died 26 March 1888 in Savannah, Georgia

Buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, New York

Proposed by James C. Carter and Thomas Hitchcock

Elected 5 March 1864 at age thirty-two

Century Memorial

Dr. Cornelius R. Agnew, Admiral Charles H. Baldwin, Joseph N. Balestier, William Dorsheimer, Joseph W. Drexel, Horace Fairbanks, George H. Forster, Gen. Quincy A. Gillmore, John R. G. Hazard [sic: Hassard], Richard W. Hubbard, Thomas McElrath, Col. Walter McFarland, T. Bailey Myers, Henry E. Pierrepont, Frederick A. Potts, Prof. Robert R. Raymond, Bernard Roelker, Dr. Thomas T. Sabine, Mahlon D. Sands, Dr. Henry B. Sands, Gustav Schwab.

The Club has seldom been called upon to deplore the loss of so many distinguished and valuable members in one year.

Henry E. Howland
1889 Century Association Reports