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Andrew E. Douglass

Manufacturer (Gunpowder)/Archaeologist

Centurion, 1867–1901

Full Name Andrew Ellicott Douglass

Born 18 November 1819 in West Point, New York

Died 30 September 1901 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by Gustavus Tuckerman and Joseph H. Choate

Elected 5 October 1867 at age forty-seven

Century Memorial

Andrew Ellicott Douglass was until a few years of his death at an advanced age one of those to whom The Century was a kind of second home. His gentle and modest manner and the range of his mental interests made companionship with him always a pleasure. On his graduation from Kenyon College in 1838 he entered into business with the concern which afterward became the Hazard Powder Company, of which he became the President in 1869, retiring in 1876. He was an ardent yachtsman, and in his cruises along the Florida coast he became greatly interested in the study of Indian remains. He spent his winters for some ten years in the archæological exploration of that region, locating over fifty mounds and excavating many. The special object of his studies was the implements of prehistoric man on this continent, and the collection of over 22,000 specimens which he gathered is now at the American Museum of Natural History, of which he was a patron. He was also an extensive and intelligent collector of the literature of American archæology, and he left a valuable library. He was a member of the Anthropological Society of Washington, the American Ethnological Society, the American Geographical Society, a life member of the Anthropological Society of Paris, and a fellow of the American Society for the Advancement of Science.

Edward Cary
1902 Century Association Yearbook