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Alexander W. Drake

Art Editor/Century magazine

Centurion, 1891–1916

Full Name Alexander Wilson Drake

Born 4 September 1843 in Westfield, New Jersey

Died 4 February 1916 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Newark, New Jersey

Proposed by Russell Sturgis and William Bispham

Elected 4 April 1891 at age forty-seven

Century Memorial

Alexander Wilson Drake passed through a long and thorough training in the practice of wood-engraving, and reached a profound understanding of the art. For many years, as we all know, he conducted the illustration of the Century Magazine with exceeding skill and discrimination. He was a man of whimsical and diffident kindliness; many within and without our walls have poignant reason to regret the loss of his shy friendliness, his veritable sympathy, his readiness to help. He was a connoisseur of whatever the human hand made that was beautiful; and an inveterate collector of things entertaining, artistic, fantastic; of brasses, bird-cages, and band-boxes; of goldsmiths’ work and prints. When his house overflowed, he would have a sale; and his sales were among the most attractive and amusing offered in our town. Finally he was a good Centurian, a man of resources on Twelfth Night celebrations.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1917 Century Association Yearbook