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Charles Francis Adams


Centurion, 1912–1915

Born 27 May 1835 in Boston, Massachusetts

Died 20 May 1915 in Washington, District of Columbia

Buried Mount Wollaston Cemetery, Quincy, Massachusetts

Proposed by Francis Davis Millet and Stephen H. Olin

Elected 2 November 1912 at age seventy-seven

Archivist’s Note: Brother of Henry Adams

Century Memorial

The Century had no member more distinguished for honored descent, for personal character and achievement, and for the position which he held in his own State and in the Union, than Charles Francis Adams. His life has been commented on far and wide, and perhaps nowhere else with such close and varied appreciation as at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society, last April, of which he was the President. It is but recently that Mr. Adams became a non-resident member of our Association, nor was he often here. In view of this, and of our natural disinclination to speak cursorily of a career so useful and diversified, we simply note his death, with respect and admiration for his bravery in the Civil War, for his civic labors and example, for his conduct of affairs, and for his brilliant writings.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1916 Century Association Yearbook