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Melville Egleston


Centurion, 1902–1928

Born 26 July 1845 in Ellington, Connecticut

Died 20 November 1928 in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Buried Williams College Cemetery, Williamstown, Massachusetts

Proposed by Charles Warren West and Henry Loomis Nelson

Elected 3 May 1902 at age fifty-six

Century Memorial

Melville Egleston, during his official activities of nearly thirty years as general counsel of the American Telephone and Telegraph—they began as long ago in that company’s own career as 1886 and terminated only in 1915—was always engaged wholeheartedly in the promotion of civic welfare. In a long stretch of years he was active supporter and personal director of half a dozen organizations for the public good in his home town of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Before even that period he had begun his services to his fellow-countrymen with the Nineteenth Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1929 Century Association Yearbook