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Edward Oothout


Centurion, 1863–1903

Born 13 August 1834 in New York State

Died 30 August 1903 in York Harbor, Maine

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by Smith Clift and Felix Octavius Carr Darley

Elected 7 November 1863 at age twenty-nine

Proposer of:

Century Memorial

Edward Oothout had been a member of the Century forty years. He inherited from his father, John Oothout (for many years President of the Bank of New York) and from his mother’s family, the Van der Venters, the characteristics of the sturdy Hollanders who founded New Amsterdam, and held high standards of business and civic life. In the earlier years of his life he was engaged with the firm of William Oothout & Brother and was its Manager when its affairs were wound up in 1875. For some twenty-one years he was Manager of the bond department of the banking house of Thomas Denny & Co. His extensive knowledge, sound judgment, and fidelity to all trusts made him a valued adviser as to investments for estates and financial institutions. He was for many years a Trustee of the Northern Dispensary and a Trustee of the Greenwich Savings Bank. His unselfish devotion to duty, his chivalrous care for the weak and helpless, his unassuming goodness, his cheerful and courteous disposition, won the affection and confidence of a large circle of friends within and beyond the Century.

Edward Cary
1904 Century Association Yearbook