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Loyall Farragut

Railroad Officer

Centurion, 1884–1916

Born 12 October 1844 in Norfolk, Virginia

Died 1 October 1916 in Ashfield, Massachusetts

Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York

Proposed by George E. Harney and Henry A. Oakley

Elected 3 May 1884 at age thirty-nine

Century Memorial

Loyall Farragut, by reason of instinctive qualities, and not through any effort on his part, was perhaps the best liked man, not merely in The Century, but in the city. Kindness bubbled from his nature; and with no sense of sacrifice he gave of his best cheer to those most needing it. Doubtless he had his depressions; and of a certainty he could take umbrage at the improper infringement of proprieties. Yet a gaiety, which might have been wafted from his ancestral Majorca, lived and moved within him, making him unlike the rest of us. And what a gentleman he was, unfailingly and through and through! Nor was he one to draw back his hand when he had put it to the plow of charity; he was a trustee of The Boys’ Club for twenty years.

It were a travesty to state the bald facts of his life. He had seen service under his great father; he graduated from West Point; he served afterwards in the Fifth Artillery; married, and passed into civil life; he wrote a biography of his father. But always he was so much besides his occupation, so true and generous and chivalric; gay in his mind as in his feet, which could dance and twinkle as no other feet in town; but never save on such very due occasions as a Century Twelfth Night or a New Years’ Eve. Peace and joy be with him on his journey whither he has gone.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1917 Century Association Yearbook