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Edward Seymour


Centurion, 1873–1877

Born 1 April 1835 in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Died 28 April 1877 in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Buried Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Proposed by J. Howard Van Amringe, S. S. Conant, Edmund C. Stedman, and William G. Peck

Elected 3 May 1873 at age thirty-eight

Century Memorial

The Club has lost by death during the year the following members: James W. Beekman, John Winthrop Chanler, Alpheus B. Crosby, Frederick Fawcett, Henry Peters Gray, William P. Lee, Marshall Pepoon, Edward Seymour, J. Butler Wright, Charles E. Milnor, William B. Ogden, and J. V. L. Pruyn. Most of these were old members of the Century, many of them eminent in the community and leaders in their respective walks of life, and several of them among the most loved of our associates.

Augustus R. Macdonough
1878 Century Association Reports